ELMA, N.Y.—The Made in America Store here displays plastic fly swatters, toilet brushes and cowboy hats made of vinyl and cardboard. Visitors also find tiddlywinks, EZ-DUZ-IT manual can openers, Wigwam socks and wood signs with slogans such as “Caution: Dog can’t hold its licker.”

Just don’t come here looking for high fashion or high tech.

Mark Andol, who opened the store about 15 miles southeast of Buffalo, N.Y., 2½ years ago, has basked in national television coverage and received an invitation to a White House seminar for his efforts to promote goods made in the U.S. But stocking his store with fashionable merchandise has proved a challenge, partly because Mr. Andol has a very strict definition of “made in America.”

Manufacturing is showing signs of a modest revival in the U.S. Some companies have brought home production of items, including refrigerators and hand mixers, formerly made abroad. But clothing, electronic goods and many other day-to-day staples still tend to come from overseas.


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